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Brand protection is more than just filing the correct forms and sending them to the different registration offices’. We make the effort of understanding your business so that we can help you plan and execute your brand protection roadmap.

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Starting from a comprehensive search and a brand audit, then the trademark & design mark registrations, all the way through to monitoring and defending your brand in front of the Court of Justice, we help you manage your brands every step of the way.

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  • Social Media research
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  • Follow every step of the registration process directly into your client dashboard
  • Access to a worldwide network of legal professionals, so that you are covered no matter what

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Monitor and protect your trademarks along the way

  • Early warning alerts
  • Watchlist of registration office publications
  • We take care of the objections for you
  • Access to a worldwide network of legal professionals

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Certified Brand
protection experts

Properly protecting a brand takes knowledge and experience. We have both!


With over a decade in the field, we have successfully protected brands around the world, and having EUIPO certified experts offers us plenty of possibilities to be a valued partner for your trade and/or design mark projects.


We love cases that even lawyers say that “it can’t be done”. We understand our clients’ businesses and we translate that into the legal argumentation that will allow our clients’ brands to be as well protected as possible, for today and for their future growth.

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International Expert

More than a brand portfolio management platform, GreatBrands is an extensive network of trademark & design mark specialists who are here to help you protect your brand worldwide.


Need a lawyer in Venezuela? Planning to penetrate the European market? Looking to fight Chinese counterfeits? In need of legal representation in a court of law? Need to create liquidity in your trademark portfolio? We have got you covered!

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In addition to properly protecting your brands, by becoming a GreatBrands client, you will have access to your own GreatBrands customer portal, in which you will have the possibility to follow and manage everything we are doing to protect your brand. You will also have a complete overview of your brand portfolio in a simple and easy to use online platform.

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We manage a large portfolio of brands across the EU. Before moving all brands to GreatBrands we worked with a local law firm specialised on trademarks. When we were told that it was not possible to register a specific trademark, we were introduced to Marc Schammel at GreatBrands. Marc not only provided an amazing research and consulting service upfront but was also able to register the trademark for us, arguing on our behalf with the register. We have now moved our entire portfolio to GreatBrands and can recommend them to anyone in need of Trademark services.

Boris Pfeiffer
General Manager Smiling Cat Publishing GmbH


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Brand protection like an insurance. We insure our cars and other valuable possessions against theft, and that is exactly what you are doing by protecting your name, logo and other designs you might create. Once they are protected, you are the only one who can use them, and if someone else tries to use your name, you are legally covered to prevent them from doing so.