International Brand Protection and Trademark Registration

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    EU Trademark

    Price: 1.990,00EUR

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    German Trademark

    Price: 600,00EUR

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    BeNeLux Trademark

    Price: 500,00EUR

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    Swiss Trademark

    Price: 810,00EUR

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    UK Trademark

    Price: 650,00EUR

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    We work with you not for you

    We provide complete Trademark and Brand Protection Services!

    We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

    Industry Experience

    Our industry experience is valuable to you since we bring a high level of background into our assignment at your company.

    Brilliant Team

    The best experts are available for you to make your project a success. We find the best solutions for your Brand.

    Creative and Professional

    All Projects are different. We adapt to get the right solution for your business.

    Complete Solutions

    Our Team helps you with every Aspect of your Brand Protection. Reliable, transparent and professional.

    We go further

    We do not stop at one service only. We offer additional services so that your Brand gets the best possible protection and valuation.


    You will get access to an individual customer account in which you will have the possibility to follow all steps we do.

    European Design Mark Registrations

    European Design Mark Registration starting at 990EUR

    Registering your Design Mark in the European Union has never been so easy. We help you with every aspect of the registration. Just click on the button to start your registration.

    We help you with every aspect of the registration.

    A great design might be the reason why customers buy your products and/or services and might pay even more as for standardized products. A great design can be a huge value for your company as customers recognize products or your company at first sight. This unique recognition point should be protected from being copied.
    Further to this, you can even sell or rent your design as license and create new sources of income for your company.

    Domain Name Registration

    Domain Name Registration

    Domain Names are the Gates to Internet. They are used for your Website, your Emails and for everything concerning your Web strategy.

    Domain Registration

    A Domain Name is representing your Brand online. Maintaining control and visibility of your brand’s reputation online is important for credibility.Imagine someone offering malicious content on a Website using your Name…

    The more Domains you have the better you can protect. We help you building your Domain Portfolio to protect your name also online.

    Register your Ideas

    I-Depot the place to register Ideas

    Ideas can be registered. The registration gives you the possibility to prove that you had an idea on a specific date. Which can be helpful in case someone wants to steal the idea.

    What we can do for you

    Our Services

    We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions. Trademarks and Design marks are not static, each Mark has it's own specifications which need to be respected.

    Trademark Monitoring

    We have an eye on your values and we make sure no one will register the same or a similar name as yours.

    Trademark Audit

    Find out how much your brand is worth and confirm if all assets of your trademark portfolio have been considered.

    Trademark Analysis

    Is your brand correctly registered are ther other assets that need to be considered, such as Logos, Packaging, etc. ?

    If you are interested in Trademark Monitoring, Audit or Analysis, please contact us.

    Work Flow

    Our Working Process

    Our working process is specially designed to fulfill the requirements given by the mark. Each mark has it's specifications and we define individually the work process that is needed for a successful registration.