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    Something Business Owners should know

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    • August 08, 2019
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    Today I would like to get to something that really is very important.

    Company owners should know about Trademarks and what they are good for. Unfortunately, this is, often, not the case.
    A Trade- or a Design Mark is not only a protection but can be a huge value for a company. Your Name is the unique recognition point.

    For company owners not knowing what Trade- or Design marks are, I would like to provide some basic knowledge:

    What are Trademarks?

    Trademarks can be:

    Wordmarks, Figurative Marks, Shape Marks, Position Marks, Pattern Marks, Colour (single) Marks, Colour (combination) Marks, Sound Marks, Motion Marks, Multimedia Marks, Hologram Marks.

    Design Marks can be:

    Logos, Packagings, Products or set of Products, Part of Products, Composite Products, Computer Icons, Typefaces, Graphic Designs, Maps, Ornamentations, Web designs.

    The definition of the Business or Service where your Trademark should be registered is defined in the nice classification which includes 45 categories of goods and services.

    Trade or Design Marks can be registered on a national or international base.

    The registration is, nowadays, not complicated and it does not have to be expensive.

    If you have questions or want more information, please contact us:

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