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Do you know, that your Homepage is full of Trademarks?

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  • January 08, 2020

Do you know, that your Homepage is full of things that can and should be registered as a Trademark.

Many visitors will see these things and they can be copied easily.
Let’s start with your Logo and company or product name. These are your recognition points. Customers identify you via your Logo as visual identification and your Name.
Now if you get copied, this can cost you an enormous amount of money and reputation if the copycat is doing bad things.

You certainly have spend a lot of time, effort and money on your Webdesign. This design is specially defined for your company or product and is also a recognition point with your colors and designs. A lot of people don’t know, that a Webdesign can be protected.

Your Domain Name is your companies gate to the internet and should be protected first thing. People are searching on the Internet for information and if someone else, like a competitor, owns your Domain Name, this can be a huge loss of business.

Content is another thing, your content can be important and a value and can also be protected by copyright or like slogans, for example, it can also be registered as a Trademark.

GreatBrands can help you identifying the values on your Website and protect them.