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The importance of protecting names for celebrities.

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  • January 09, 2020

If you are a celebrity you should protect your name. The famous soccer player Neymar knows this.

In 2012 someone filed an European trademark application for the name Neymar with the classes 25 for clothing, shoes and Headgear. EUIPO registered the Trademark in 2013.
Mr. Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior, called Neymar had to file a declaration of invalidity against the registration for bad faith.
As Neymar has a reputation in Europe, EUIPO has accepted the declaration of invalidity declared by Neymar. The person who registered the Trademark did not want to accept, so he went up to the European Court of Justice who actually confirmed EUIPO’s decision.

Neymar was lucky as decisions of the EUIPO and Court of Justice for bad faith are extremely rare. Celebrities are in a difficult situation as they need to prove that a registration of a name is bad faith.