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Design Marks in the EU

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  • January 21, 2020

EUIPO registered around 85.000 Design Marks in 2019. Compared to all the companies in the EU this is not much.
Especially if you know that 11.9% of employment and 13.4% of GDP in the EU are coming from Design intensive companies. Design is a huge asset for innovative companies.

A lot of things can be registered as Design. Logos, Products Packaging, Logos, Icons, Typefaces, Ornamentations, Web Design and much more.

If you register your Designs you create much higher value and you can trade not only the products but offer licensing and be able to define other business possibilities. Don’t forget trade and design marks are tradeable.

Protecting designs is important for all kinds of business as a design is a huge asset for every company.

We can help with protecting your design and make it a big value.

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