Why should you run a trademark research?

Before registering a Trademark or a Design Mark you should check if there are no conflicts and if it is possible to register it with your chosen name in the targeted classes. Indeed, if it cannot be registered you will lose the filing fee. Therefore, we highly recommend to run a comprehensive research around your trademark.


If the results of the search show that an identical or a similar name within the same classes is already registered, it might be difficult to get your registration through. We could, together with you, find a solution to get your name registered, and if it is not possible, at least you will have limited the financial downside.


Simply put, the comprehensive search gives us the absolute grounds for a refusal, if there are any. If there are no grounds for refusal, your trademark can be registered.

What is included in a comprehensive trademark search?

Existing trademark search

We search for the same or similar brand names on the official databases of the different registration offices.

Other brand related searches

Domain name availability check
Social Media research

Class definition

Using the description of your goods
and services you will have provided us,
our proprietary class engine will
determine which class, or classes, best
suit your needs.

Compliance check-ups

We look for the reasons why your
trademark would be refused and make
sure it follows the registration offices

Online report

You will know if the trademark can be registered, and we will provide a detailed plan of how we advise to register it.

Choose your
search option

Frequently asked

Our clients order comprehensive research to avoid wasting money on having a trademark refused on grounds that they had not thought of. So ideally, if you have a brand that you would like to protect, now is a good time…