General Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is between GB TMRegistration UG (Haftungsbeschränkt) registered in Germany and You, your agents, resellers or successors (“You”), and is effective as of the date of the electronic execution or confirmed order by us. GreatBrands is a project of GB TMRegistration UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)

Those Terms regulates the use of Great Brands Services and defines Great Brands obligations to you and Your obligations to Great Brands.

The customer acknowledges having read and understood those present General Terms and Conditions.

With all purchase on Great Brands Website, You accept the present Terms and condition in their entirety and without exception.

The Terms and conditions may be modified and changed at any moment. The actual Terms and Conditions will always be published on GreatBrands Website.

You agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations, and ordinances concerning your use of the Website
You can register European Community Trade Marks via GreatBrands Web Site. Further to this we offer additional Services such as Trade Mark Research, Trade Mark Watch, Trade Mark Consulting or Domain Name Registrations.

1.1 Official definitions, law and status

GreatBrands assures having all authorizations that allows GreatBrands to offer the services they are offering.
GreatBrands has all people with the needed diplomas, certifications and other documents that are needed directly in the company.

All legal aspects and official representations are handled by Lawyer Frank Rollinger from Avocats à la Cour, Rollinger Oliveira 1, avenue Gaston Diderich L-1420 Luxembourg who is an official shareholder of the company GB TMRegistration UG.

EUIPO Certifications are personally held by Mr. Marc Schammel, official shareholder of the company GB TMRegistration UG.

All documentation can be requested via our official contact possibilities.

2.1 Trade Mark Registration

GreatBrands offer worldwide trademark and design mark registration services. GreatBrands will file the trademark applications for you at the respective national or international trademark offices. The trademarks will directly be filed under your names and contact

Great Brands keeps you informed about all steps concerning the Registration Process via email and via our individual customer portal.

Trademark filings might be refused for various reasons. In this case no refund is made as the European Trade Mark offices do not refund any Registration fee. If a refund is made by the European Trade Mark Office, Great Brands might consider a refund. Refusal may be that the Name is already registered in any of the EU countries or in the European Trade Mark Database or that someone made a funded opposition against the Registration or that your name does not fit the regulations of Trade Marks.
Before filing a registration GreatBrands will check if the name can be registered and if the name meets all requirements, to minimize the risk of a refusal.

To be able to register your Trade Mark Great Brands needs detailed information about you and/or your company. You guarantee that the information you provide via, the Website, Documentation provided by You via E-Mail or Postal way is correct. Un-correct information may result in additional costs or the refusal of your Trade Mark registration.

2.2 Trade Mark Research

A Trade Mark Research is not necessary but highly recommended. Great Brands is checking the Databases of all relevant countries if the Name You want to register is not registered and verifying the classes. If the Name is registered in any country of the EU it is highly possible that the official Trade Mark Office refuses the Registration or that the local Trademark owner launches a dispute to the Registration.
The Trade Mark Research will be made within 2-5 working days after reception of payment. You will receive a detailed report including an estimation if it is possible to register the Trademark.

2.3 Trademark Watch / Monitoring

After the successful Registration of your Trade Mark we can offer You the Service of monitoring your Trade Mark. We verify on a regular base all the Trademark Databases to check if no one wants to register your Name or a similar name. In case that someone wants to register yours or a similar name we will immediately inform you and propose the necessary steps to avoid the registration. These Steps might have additional costs and will be handled by our lawyer.

2.4 Domain Name Registrations and services

Together with your EU Trademark we could register your Domain Name In case if someone has already a Domain Name with your Trademark Name, Trademark Registrar could launch a dispute at the responsible Domain Name Registry, this has additional costs.

3.1 Account Creation, Orders

After the Registration process you will receiv an access to your personal User Account. The Access will be send to the Email Account you have indicated during the order process. In this User Account you can see the Services you have with Trademark Registrar, Invoicing and your Details. This Platform allows Great Brands to identify you as a customer. You are responsible for the correct treatment of the Access Details. Any instructions received by Great Brands which includes your customer Details shall be presumed to have been submitted by You. Great Brands cannot be held responsible for any misuse or fraudulent use of your Login details.
If You have lost your Login name and/or Password or if you think or know that your Login Name and/or Password are available to any third party, you shall modify your Login Name and your password immediately and without delay.
To create the account You have to inform Great Brands about your Address, Name, Company, etc. those information have to be correct as they appear on all official letters, invoices, etc. You have to inform Great Brands immediately in case if some or all of that information changed or are not valid any longer. You shall notify Great Brands in written, by letter or email (the email you used in your account) of any modification or you change the information in your user account.

4 Customer Obligation

4.1 You have to provide all necessary, correct information to Great Brands. Under no circumstances Great Brands shall be responsible or liable for information submitted by you and any loss or damage that may arise from these information. You have to pay Great Brands for any costs or expenses arising from any damage or loss coming directly or indirectly from wrong or erroneous information provided by you or a third party who has access to your Great Brands account.

4.2 You have to provide Great Brands with all necessary documents to register Domain Name(s) in case if needed. If those documents are not available at the moment where they are needed Great Brands cannot register Domain Name(s). Any failure on this could prevent Great Brands from providing the demanded service(s). Great Brands cannot be made responsible or liable from any loss or damage arising from this failure on this.

4.3 You declare that you have read, understood and accept the general Terms and conditions of any document issued by any national or international authority within whose purview your Domain Name registration activity falls.

4.4 You shall take all necessary steps to ensure that the registered Trademark or Domain Name does not violate any law or regulation currently enforceable in Germany, Europe or elsewhere in the world pertaining to public order, public security and public decency. If this is not the case, You will be solely responsible for any violations of such rules or laws.

4.5 You shall not send emails including Viruses, Trojan Horses or other security relevant Programs. If Great Brands has any damage or loss due to this you will be entirely responsible for this.

4.6 It is understood that the “User,” by virtue of accessing the Website, or using its services, expressly waives any indemnification, claim or right that he/she/it may have against Great Brands and its representatives and Partners.

4.7 Under no circumstance will Great Brands and/or employees of Great Brands or the Attorneys be responsible for any damages that the “User” may incur while using the “Website” or any link to the site, except when expressly provided to the contrary. The extent of this liability clause is applicable to damages of any nature, including, but not limited to, the loss of data and programs, losses in results, losses or interruptions of businesses, and third party claims.


5 Prices

5.1 The actual valid prices are those indicated on the Great Brands Website. All prices are in Euro without VAT. VAT is charged at the end of the registration process where the total amount of the order is indicated.

5.2 Prices indicated are fix prices and are not negotiable.

5.3 Unless otherwise determined by Great Brands all orders have to be paid immediately via Bank transfer or credit card payment. The order will be valid if we receive the complete amount on our Bank Account indicated on the invoice which you will receive by email.

5.4 You agree that all invoice for services provided by Great Brands is transmitted to you by email to the address provided by you in the contact information. You can ask Great Brands to send a printed invoice, this invoice will be charged a reasonable amount for stamp and administrational work. In view of this fact the email provided by you in the contacts must be available 7 Days a Week.

6 Payments

All payments have to be done via Bank Transfer or credit card. For all Bank Transfer please use the account indicated on the Invoice using the Invoice Number, trademark reference name or the Trademark name as Reference for the transfer.

All orders will only be executed if the full amount is paid. If the order is only paid partially the order will not be executed.


7 Force Majeure

Great Brands will make every effort to keep its Web Site and Services operational. However, certain technical difficulties and other factors outside of its control may, from time to time, result in temporary service interruptions. You agree not to hold Great Brands liable for any of the consequences of such interruptions.


8 Applicable law and Jurisdiction

8.1. Any order, acceptance or contract arising there from shall be governed by the laws of Germany.

8.2. Any dispute relating to the Terms and Conditions or the interpretation or performance thereof that cannot be resolved on a friendly shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Saarbrücken.


9 Contact

Any contact is done via E-Mail or contact Possibilities via the Website (“Contact Forms”) the main Email Address is [email protected]