Marketplace brand protection

If you are selling on Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Facebook, or any other marketplace, you may find that other sellers use the same or a similar name as yours. In some cases, they might be selling products of lesser quality, and they might be voluntarily trying to harm your reputation, or surf on your success.

To avoid these problems, the marketplaces have developed brand protection solutions. Amazon, for example, has launched the Amazon Brand Registry. This allows registered brand owners to access an interesting tool, helping them take control over their brand across Amazon. Given that this is a recurring issue on all marketplaces, the aforementioned ones are also following suit with their own solutions.

One of the only services that the marketplaces do not provide, is the actual registration of brands, which is why GreatBrands is here to help.

  • Protect your brand against it being used by an unauthorised third party
  • Your brand is a valuable asset for your company and should be treated as such
  • With a registered trademark you get access to tools such as Amazon Brand Registry

How does it work?

Once your trademark has been registered and you have received the official documentation, you can upload these to your account in the designated area on the respective marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Facebook, etc. The marketplaces will then make sure that the sellers using your registered name will be taken off the platform(s). This also gives you protection about copy cats.


Marketplaces often offer solution to monitor if your registered name, or a similar name is used and they will inform you immediately. GreatBrands is also here to help you in filing the delisting request, if you have identified that your name is being used by someone else and we can help you registering your trademark to make sure this never happens.

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