Partner Network

We would like to work with you and we want you to be a part of our strong partner network.

We all are only strong in a strong network. You are working in an area where you create products for your customers that should be protected and where values can be created for your customers. Protection and Value creation, huge advantages for you and your customers.

We provide this by registering Trade or Design Marks and with the services that go around these. We are setting up a strong Partner Network and we provide all the information you need to offer a competent service around your business.

GreatBrands Domain Services

A strong Partner offers a lot of great possibilities

We help you to become a specialist in Trade and Design Marks. Use our experience for your customers.

What do we offer?

You will get all support you need to be able to offer our services a professional way. We provide the experience and technology so that you have no work to provide the Trade or Design Mark services to your customers projects.

We offer an interesting new source of income for your company

As with every Trade or Design Mark or additional service you sell you get a provision.

How does it work?

When you have a project where Trade or Design Mark services are required, we sit together and identify the best possible solution for your customer. We would like to integrate you into this process, as it’s your customer and you know better tha we do what the requirements are.

We setup a complete Trademark Project that can be presented to the customer and if he accepts and pays you get a provision.

The provision list will be available when you have registered as partner.

Use our Experience

Our Experts are there for you and you can use our experiences. We can cover all aspects that are needed for trade or design marks and we explain these to you.

You will get an access to our Partner Network Area where you can find all necessary information and if you need we are there in person to help, advise and inform you.

Complete Solutions

We offer complete 360° Service solutions. Trademarks are not static, every trademark has it’s own specifications, this means that it is absolutely important to be flexible and find a or more solutions for every situation.

W do not stop at the registration we go further we can cover all the important services that are needed, such as:

– Trade or Design Mark analysis
– Trade or Design Mark Monitoring
– Trade or Design Mark Auditing and Evaluation
– International Trade or Design Mark registration

Even that we are not a Lawyer office, we have lawyers that are working with and for us, so wen can even cover international legal consultancy and protection.

So what are you waiting, let's make trademark business sexy again.

Just register as a Partner it’s free and can bring you an awful lot of advantages and a new income source for your business. And if you have questions, just drop us an email at