Why should I order the analysis ?

Before registering a Trademark you should check if it is possible to register the Trademark with your chosen name. If the name cannot be registered you will loose the filing fee. Therefore we highly recommend to make a trademark comprehensive research to avoid loosing the filing fee.
If the analysis results show that the same, or a similar name with the same classes is already registered it might be difficult to get your registration made. We could, together with you, find a solution to get your name registered.

What do you get?

  • A detailed examination of your trademark for absolute grounds for a refusal if the same or similar name like your trademark is already registered within the official databases of the EU.


  • A definition of the classes by analyzing your description about your Goods and Services you provided in the form below.



  • Advise from a Trademark Expert included in the price. We will deduct the price of the analysis from the registration price if you order your Trademark registration with GreatBrands.




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  • Price: 199,00 €
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