What does the process look like?

Even though the process may vary between  registration offices, it is always very similar
to the process of the EUIPO, the European Union Intellectual Property Office.


File your application

Filing the application consists mainly in following the rules and filling the appropriate forms in, but the complexity of the process should not be underestimated.


One of the trickiest and most time consuming aspects of the process is selecting the right classes that need to be included in your application. To make your life easier, we have built a proprietary class engine to identify which one, or ones, you will need from the Nice classification.


By using GreatBrands to register your trademark or design mark, you will have total control over the whole process via your client account, where everything will be available for your convenience.


To maximize your chances of success, we recommend that you always start with a comprehensive search, if you don’t know if your trademark can be registered or not. If you already know that it can, you can skip that part, but you have to take the responsibility if it does not get accepted by the relevant registration office..

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Examination period

Once your trademark has been filed, it will be processed by the EUIPO to check that it can be registered for the classes you have specified. Here again, if you have run a comprehensive search, this will be a formality.


Once the examination is done, the application can either be considered valid or invalid. If valid, the application goes to the opposition period.


If considered invalid, the registration office will tell you why it has been rejected and give you the possibility to object and provide counter arguments. When working with GreatBrands, we do everything possible to avoid rejection, and on the rare occasions that we receive a rejection, our team of specialists will manage the objection process for you.


Opposition period

When an application is validated by the EUIPO, it will be published and the public will be given the opportunity to oppose your application during 3 months.

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At the end of the opposition period, the trademark will be published and you will receive an official certificate. From this moment onwards, you will be the only one to be legally allowed to use your brand in the Class or Classes that your brand is protected under.